ECommerce is the best way to launch your business.…the truly invaluable part with regards to Alpha7, wasn’t just the level of professionalism but also the willingness to help BFF Wellness with the assistance and guidance they needed, even long after they had helped setup our eCommerce store.

Eunice Tan, Founder & CEO, BFF

BFF (Best Friends Forever) is a beauty wellness online store that is owned and run exclusively by its founder Eunice Tan. They aim to be the consumer’s best friend in their overall beauty wellness. They are committed “to bringing beauty wellness to everybody” and to replace the complicated steps of a beauty regime into a single product that “can be used by anyone, regardless of their age, gender, or skin condition.”
Year established: 2016
Industry: Ecommerce
Country HQ: Singapore
Country Presence: Singapore

Case Study

Ecommerce is a rapidly growing industry and one that many small business owners and local stores are looking to move in to. However, they are commonly unaware or unable to move into this space as they lack the guidance or funding to move online and fear a loss of control with regards to scalability and a loss of that local, personal service. The challenge also not uncommon to many SMEs and small businesses was to find a solution that understood the customer journey and provide a single platform where BFF Wellness could be run, monitored and subsequently scaled anywhere and anytime.


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