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2 October 2015

The Alpha7 Connect Forum 2015 was purposed as a thought-leadership platform dedicated to raising awareness on how local business communities can leverage on technology.
It was a decked-out event, where many business owners came to learn more about how their companies could benefit from the cloud, gleaning from the best in the industry.
To those that were there, thank you for coming to our event; we hope you had an enriching time and were able to take away some handles to aid your business. If you missed out on the event, do not worry, as we have charted the highlights of the day, so you can relive the Alpha7 Connect Forum

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How and What to do to Maintain the Edge?


Brian addresses the best practices companies can take to edge out their competition; highlighting how tactical choices and methods play an important role in determining a company’s competitive advantage.

Staying Relevant by Embracing Technology

JAMES SUNDRAM, CEO, YuuZoo and Ex-Managing Director, International, PropertyGuru

Having served as the MD for PropertyGuru, James will be bringing his vast media industry experience to the table as he addresses the urgent need for businesses to evolve and stay relevant in the ever-changing technological landscape.


Integrating People and Processes with Technology

STEPHANE IBOS, Co-founder and CEO, Maestrano

It is only befitting that active entrepreneur Stephane speak about the value of technology and how the use of an integrated platform can help businesses effectively manage their people and processes. Stephane emphasizes the benefits of an integrated platform; how it can save time, reduce costs and scale one’s business for growth.

A CIO's Perspective: Sharpening your Competitive Edge with Disruptive Technologies


With his experience at CIO Academy Asia, Mr. Ramakrishna interacts with CIOs on a daily basis. He shares valuable insights on the trick of the trade, covering commonplace challenges CIOs face and how disruptive technologies can serve to relieve these crises.

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