“Start-ups, PR and Media” – Insights and Reflections



Last Friday, LitmusPR, our Public Relations partner, ran a workshop titled “Start-ups, PR and Media” at NUSEnterprise@Blk71. With a turnout of about 100 participants, it was well-received by many business owners who came forward to better understand how they can engage the media. Invited speakers at the event include Lynette Seah, our founder and CEO, and Victoria Ho, Asia editor at Mashable.

Victoria shared her experiences of working with businesses from a media’s point of view. Given the thousands of emails media companies receive every day, she talked about the type of news and stories that would actually appeal to media agencies like Mashable. Companies which seek to maximise their outreach to potential partners and clients need to know how to tailor their content to be picked up by these media outlets.

Lynette at LitmusPR Event

Lynette, our founder and CEO, also spoke at the workshop. Sharing her journey of transiting from working at a Fortune500 company to now running a local, up-and-coming tech start-up, Lynette talked specifically about the opportunities and challenges for start-ups and SMEs, and how they can make the best of them when they are faced with them.

Her experience as Vice-President at for APAC operations saw her overseeing finance operations and strategy at the multinational company. She talked about how companies need to have end-to-end processes to execute lead management effectively. The entire process from public relations to digital marketing, sales, customer life cycle management, operations and finally to finance needs to be done in a coordinated manner across business units. This means having to align people, processes and technology in the company with its priorities, constraints and budget.

Speaking on her start-up experiences with Alpha7, she emphasised on the importance of planning ahead, finding the right partners, and leveraging social media and digital marketing. She encouraged business owners to move out of their comfort zone, adapting to social, mobile and cloud technology to improve their business strategy and operations. It is also critical for companies to maintain an open and transparent culture in order to create a culture of collaboration and communication amongst departments.

Moving onto the macro business environment, she noted that the pace at which businesses are going-to-market (GTM) is becoming very fast. Today, companies often have to do-it-yourself, or rather do-it-themselves, for a wide range of business activities. Finding the right partners to go to market together is therefore a critical part of any successful business strategy.


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