Alpha7 holds inaugural Alpha7 Connect Forum to launch A7 AppsConnect & A7 BizConnect


On Friday 2 October, Alpha7 unveiled A7 AppsConnect and A7 BizConnect offerings at our inaugural thought-leadership platform – Alpha7 Connect Forum. It was a star-studded event attended by over 200 business owners and C-suite officers across different industries consisting of SMEs and MNCs, where attendees got to hear first-hand from industry experts on how to leverage disruptive technology for their businesses, as well as view live demonstrations of our two product offerings.

As early as 7am, attendees streamed into the expo area, where demo showcases were displayed of the A7 AppsConnect by our friendly Business Analyst, Biing. His enthusiastic personality and captivating voice managed to draw the crowd. Other staff went around talking to attendees as they enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast.

An hour later, the Alpha7 Connect Forum was officially lit up by a team of four drummers in their psychedelic outfits, certainly giving the crowd a treat.

This was followed by an introduction of our A7 BizConnect by Lynette and subsequently by Brian, who stressed the importance of aligning one’s people, processes and technology with their priorities, budgets and constraints, in order to maximise the gains from cloud.

Cameron from TradeGecko then shared his experiences on addressing the gap in the SME tech space with his company’s ERP solution, before Stephane from Maestrano expounded on the technology driving our A7 AppsConnect platform.

Participants got themselves involved in the forum too, by tweeting live updates on interesting quotes and photos from the speakers, with the #alpha7connect publicized by our vivacious emcee Chris Reed from Black Marketing.

After the tea break where attendees had the chance to interact with each other and the staff at the A7 AppsConnect and A7 BizConnect booths, James from YuuZoo and Ramakrisna from CIO Academy shared their experiences about how they leveraged technology in their businesses, mentioning benefits like reduced costs through work-from-home schemes and Singapore’s position as #1 in World Bank’s ease of doing business. The crowd lapped up quotes from the speakers, and tweeted them excitedly on Twitter! Thank you!

Finally, the best was saved for last. A panel of experienced industry experts shared their thoughts on how SMEs can be more productive with technology. Advice relevant to both SMEs and MNCs were dished out readily, with the crowd similarly responsive with questions specific to their business. After the panel discussion, there was more time to network, while some participants filled up survey forms to receive a complimentary golf umbrella in return.

We would like to thank everyone for attending the event. If you missed it and would like to find out what happened, or simply like to relive the event, check out our event page at for videos, to sign up for our workshops on our A7 AppsConnect and A7 BizConnect, to sign up for a free trial!

Isaac Yang
I have an entrepreneurial mindset and am always interested in improving processes wherever I go, be it in a formal working role or in the nonprofit sector.